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Trauma-Informed Coaching for Professionals and Ministry Leaders

Helping people redeem heartache by embracing their story

Shalom Restored Coaching: Welcome
Care for Pastors

Redeem Old Wounds

Rediscover Joy & Connection

Confidently Own Your Story

Redeem Old Wounds

Trauma-Informed Narrative Coaching can help you:

I come alongside my clients as they explore the stories of harm and heartache that have impacted how they relate to themselves, others, and the world, and I help them discover the path forward to transformation and healing.

Rediscover Joy & Connection

Joy flourishes in an environment of safety and connection, when those around us truly see and delight in us. I help my clients move toward deeper connections in their lives and toward the joy that God has made them for.

As Maya Angelou said, “You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been.” I help my clients understand their story in a way that integrates their past and present, which allows them to chart a new course forward in line with their gifting and desires.

Confidently Own Your Story

“Doing story work with David changed my life. David walked with me, he cried with me, he cried for me; he fought for me and my broken heart. The deep hurts of my heart that I couldn’t seem to fix or get to… we walked there together, through the fire and back. I’ve seen healing that I never thought possible. I’ve experienced God’s kindness and mercy like I never imagined.”

Sean R., Surgeon & Missionary

As a certified Narrative Focused Trauma Care practitioner, I help people make sense of who they are in the present based on the formative events that have shaped their past — because when you own your story, you can move toward true transformation.

My Approach

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Engage with kindness the core stories that shape how you show up in the world and how you navigate relationships.

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Pursue flourishing and receive care in your relationship with God, yourself, and others.

Learn to relate to your body with care instead of shame, in a way that brings true joy, rest, safety, and transformation.

Getting Started With Coaching Is Simple:


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Begin to Experience Change

Experience the benefits that narrative coaching can have in your life.

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Why Clients Choose Shalom Restored Coaching

“Freedom and Transformation. Those are the words I would use to describe the outcome of working with David. Freedom from allowing old wounds to control my present. Transformation through moving from feeling self-condemnation to self-care and allowing God’s love and kindness toward me to shape my life story. I had no idea that healing like this was possible. David is a gifted listener who walks alongside you in empathy and skill.” 

Sean M., Pastor

“I found story work to be incredibly powerful. David listened and honored my stories, and he helped me process things that have happened in my life that have kept me stuck for years. The way he walked alongside me and engaged my stories taught me how to be kind and loving toward myself. I’m free now to give myself a break and allow myself to rest. I was able to let go of things in my growing up years that I had no business taking responsibility for. I have peace and acceptance now.”

Rich L., Entrepreneur & Business Consultant

Coaching Services For



Burn Out

Dating Challenges

Emotional Intelligence

Family of Origin Trauma

Family Relationships

Grief & Loss

Inability to Rest

Leadership Development


Major Life Transition

Marital Struggles


Relational Conflict



Setting Boundaries

Spiritual Formation

Story Work

Style of Relating

Subtle Abuse

Trauma Healing


“David will be a wise, strong, kind presence in the guidance and support of your healing journey. Because he is committed to his own growth and transformation, he knows how to be with people and their stories, past and present. He brings care with humble curiosity, generous grace, and invitational insight. His experience as a pastor and the work he has done around his own healing and flourishing make him exceptionally equipped to come alongside those in ministry.”

Jen Oyama Murphy, Paper Crane Coaching

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