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Image by Steven Lasry

Pastors Need Care Too

As a pastor for over 20 years, what initially drew me to story work was my recognition that I needed a place to be seen and cared for, just as those I pastored needed me to see and care for them. The responsibilities of ministry can be isolating at best, and crushing all too often.

I have a fierce devotion to offering care for pastors, and my background as both a pastor and narrative trauma practitioner gives me a unique ability to create a safe space for pastors to process both current struggles and past stories of heartache.  

I encourage pastors interested in pursuing story work with me to ask their church to cover the cost of this care as a means of investing in their well being and their spiritual and emotional health. 

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“David's experience as a pastor and the work he has done around his own healing and flourishing make him exceptionally equipped to come alongside those in ministry.”

Jen Oyama Murphy, Paper Crane Coaching

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